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You’ve crafted your book well. You’ve put lots of time and quality into it. Now, you want it to reach your audience. You need it to be seen, to be read. You need a quality book cover. Something that will catch the eye of a waiting public. Quality is instantly recognizable, and that is what you need for your book cover. Book Cover Design will do that for you. With over twelve years experience crafting book covers for authors all over these United States. And experience with major USA publishing companies, including Tyndale House Publishers (Wheaton IL), Bridge-Logos Publishing Co. (Alachua FL), and Abingdon Press (Nashville TN).


If this is your first book, perfect, we can work well together. If you are an experienced author, this could be your time to break into a higher echelon, to get your work and words out there to a larger segment of the waiting public. Quality. When you see it, you know it. Like the quality book you have written. And the quality book cover to go with it. It is considered an honor and a privilege to work with talented authors who have something to say to this world. Who just want someone to help visualize their ideas. Catch the eye of a waiting public. That’s where good book cover design comes in. That’s what we can accomplish together, as a team.

Delivering Quality

We all know one thing: Good book cover design can help tremendously in the sales of your book. Now, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. But you can always count on good cover design to bring a book to its audience. And then the rest is up to you as the writer. But how will you know what you have written is good, if nobody reads the book? And how will they read the book if it does not

have a good cover that attracts attention? And has been designed well and thoughtfully with your particular book in mind? Your book cover design will work equally well (1) as an ebook and (2) as a traditionally published paperback and/or hardcover. Back cover design is included. All design comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. And full copyright ownership of the final design.

How It Works

One of two ways. The first option is to fill out the form found at the CONTACT tab on this website. Just fill it out and press “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will hear from Book Cover Design within 24 hours, sometimes much sooner. The second option is via an introductory conversation by phone, email or text message. We discuss title, subtitle and subject matter. What is the book about? Is it fiction or nonfiction? Who are the characters? Why is it interesting to the public? Now I wish to say at this point that it is not necessary for the author to communicate any ideas as to what the book cover design might look like. But if you do have any ideas, this might be a good time to share them. Truth be told, it is probably preferable for the designer to start with a clean slate, without any pre-conceived notions as to the design of the cover. Other than the content of the book. But this is a team effort, so if you do have ideas that you wish to express, please don’t hesitate to express them. Book Cover Design is happy to hear your ideas, if you have them. Within one week, sometimes much sooner, the designer comes up with three low-resolution front cover design alternatives and sends them to the author for approval. At this time either one design is approved, or one is approved with changes, or we go back to the drawing board. Sometimes a discussion ensues as to which direction should be pursued and why. “Is design #2 approved? Is #3 better than #1? Why? Can we pursue #2 with the

idea that a certain change will be made?” That kind of thing. At the approval of the front cover, Book Cover Design will provide a high-resolution front cover, suitable for Amazon, social media, email, advertising, Ebook cover, etc. At this time we turn our attention to the back cover. When ready, the author sends the final back cover copy (bcc). This can include a short synopsis of the book, a short author biography, and any endorsements. Also you may wish to include an author photo for the back cover. Now at this stage, the designer submits to you a document which includes the front cover, back cover and spine. (If we don’t know the final page count yet, which is common, then a 1/2 inch default size is used for the spine width, until a final page count is available. This is not a problem.) I realize you probably know that is the most popular and well-known printer/publisher for independent authors. Regarding the front and back cover and spine, there are three technical specifications needed for KDP: (1) trim size (2) final page count and (3) paper color, white or cream. (Cream is slightly thicker paper which affects the spine width. Usually white for nonfiction and cream for fiction, but up to you.) Finally, the author approves the front and back cover and spine, and sends it to the printer/publisher. That’s it! Any other questions can be answered along the way. Book Cover Design services include full production consultation. It’s a pleasure to serve you and answer your questions.

Special Pricing for First-Time Customers

First-time customers get $100 off. So, instead of the usual $400 for front-and-back cover, the fee is only $300. This includes paperback cover, Ebook cover, and production

consultation. All design comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. All rights, such as advertising, are included. And full ownership of the final design.