About Book Cover Design


Book Cover Design is dedicated to excellence in book cover design which sells, attracts audience attention, and satisfies the soul. A pretty book cover is a wonderful thing, but it is not always what is called for as to any given book. Sometimes a book calls for something other than beauty in the cover, such as intrigue, suspense, mystery, or philosophical thought, etc. Not to neglect the number one reason that most authors write: to get their words out there to people. Most authors want to get their ideas out to as many people as possible. Put another way, that means sales. Usually, authors want sales. High sales numbers. How do you achieve that? 1. Be a great writer. 2. Have a great book cover. That is what Book Cover Design

is all about. Great covers for great writers. Now, you may not consider yourself a great writer, or maybe you think you are on that path. As Bob Dylan might say, “It’s all good.” Meaning that as designers, it is our job to ascertain your goals for a particular book and its cover. From the title, or from the subtitle, or from knowing a little bit more as to what the book is about. Or from reading the entire manuscript. Or from listening to any thoughts or ideas from the author or publicist. And then, take it from there. That is the job of a designer. If you haven’t already done so, you might check out some of the book cover design examples as shown on this website. Hopefully, you and Book Cover Design will be working together soon!


About Rick Schroeppel


On a personal note, I love books. I love reading them. I love designing them. They’re long-lasting. They’re durable. I live in Nashville Tennessee, Music City. There’s a lot of music publishing here, and a lot of book publishing too. So, whenever I can, I like to combine the two: Listening to James Taylor or Amy Grant while designing a book cover! A little bit about me, if you want to know. I’m originally from the north suburbs of Chicago, so I follow the Cubs and the Bears. The Cubs have had much recent success, while the Bears remain mediocre, ha! I like to dabble in wet media occasionally, creating works in oil on canvas. I like to pick up the guitar for relaxation, imitating artists such as Paul Simon and James Taylor.

I find it fun to make music with other people, too. Recently, I led a singalong around the campfire at the local Baptist church fall festival. Nashville affords a lot of that kind of thing, being the hub of the music publishing business. Everybody has a guitar. I remember several times playing bluegrass and gospel music with a few musicians, including members of the Nashville Symphony, at a United Methodist Church picnic. More good fun. One day in the kitchen at age seven I asked my mom about Jesus and gave my heart to him. He and I have been walking together all these years. Let’s get together and make a professional and killer book cover. I look forward to knowing about your next book project. -Rick.


Don’t you love old things? Not too old, but retro or vintage or classic, etc. One day I found myself walking through Historic Downtown Franklin in Tennessee, a little south of Nashville. I took a picture of an old brick storefront that I liked. Then later I took that picture into Photoshop and cleaned up the street litter. I touched up the “paint” on the

front door and “trimmed” the bushes. Then I added a classic old car, a sleeping dog in the sun, and a couple signs in the window. I thought, “This is what my storefront might look like if I was working in downtown Franklin Tennessee back in the old days.” Here’s the resulting digital illustration below, it was fun to make. I hope you like it!